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Pesticides – think about your health

Pesticides residues have been found regularly in Luxembourg waters since many years. This applies to underground water as well as to rivers and lakes. Pesticides bear risks for nature and the environment, they can accumulate in the food chains and harm the biological balance leading to the destruction of animal and plant types. These negative consequences on biodiversity also have an impact on the beauty and the leisure value of the natural surroundings. Yet, even at the level of human beings, more and more long-term damages for health can be observed.



Prevention is better

Should animals and plants become a problem, try to avoid using pesticides as it is frequently possible to find ecological alternatives.  Improve the resistance of plants by creating favorable conditions as finding the right place and soil, appropriate neighboring plants and environment. Natural methods like weed pulling, collecting pest, use plant based products (made out of nettles or field horsetail) spreading natural predators can in many cases avoid the use of chemicals.

Avoid using pesticides especially on closed areas not used for gardening. Don’t risk to harm drink water quality, biodiversity in these waters or even your health. Furthermore the use of specific “total herbicides” (‚Tue-Herbe‘, Casoron) was forbidden by law end 2009.

What to do with old pesticides ?

Should you find “old” pesticides in your cellar, please bring them to the mobile collection of the SuperDrecksKëscht® in your commune or to the recycling center. Also “empty” packaging regularly still contains residues of active substances and should therefore also be brought to the SuperDrecksKëscht® from where on they will be brought to an incineration plant to be burned at high temperature and made ineffective.

Special attention should be given to:

- Carbide based pesticides, used against rodents for instance as they can inflame in contact with water or humidity: Please comply with the safety instructions.

- When using pesticides (also with “empty” packaging) comply with the instructions to use and the danger and safety recommendation (wear gloves, wash carefully!).

- Store pesticides out of reach for children and always in their original packaging so that you can always find use and safety instructions.

Without pesticides

From 20 to 30 March 2012 a week ‘without pesticides’ is organized in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Luxembourg will participate for the 3rd time. 

The national campaign „…without pesticides “ is organized by numerous actors from the environmental field as for instance the SuperDrecksKëscht® with the aim to increase the awareness of people and the communes about the harmful impact of pesticides on nature and health while proposing alternative methods to be used on public and private areas in residential areas.

The campaign appeals to communes and the public to avoid using pesticides if possible and accept greater biodiversity in residential areas, to be open for alternative methods and adopt long-term thinking when it comes to planning green areas and their future care.

The program of this week and further information are available on www.emwelt.lu/sanspesticides