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Clever akafen – Long-lasting and energy-saving lighting


 The proportion of lighting appliances in the overall electricity consumption of an average Luxembourg household can reach up to 17% according to the Agence de l’Energie. By replacing all lighting bulbs with energy-saving bulbs (i.e. energy-saving or LED lamps) this proportion could be reduced to 6%.


The energy-saving and LED lamps advertised by the SuperDrecksKëscht® are tested among others on the basis of the following criteria:


  •                 Energy consumption (W)
  •                 Lumen output (lm)
  •                 Light efficiency (lm/W)
  •                 Life time (h)
  •                 Switch resistance (On/Off switching)
  •                 Quicksilver amount
  •                 Dangerous substances and mixtures
  •                 Packaging
  •                 Consumer information


The evaluation of the product is based on the questionnaire filled out by the manufacturer or the distributor.


Useful information on the subject „lighting“ (in particular LED lamps) are covered in the Guidelines.


The website www.oekotopten.lu provides a list of the best LED lamps available on the Luxembourg Market.


In addition to energy efficiency and electricity saving, the energy source is also an important factor when it comes to „electrical energy“: Therefore you should prefer electricity produced from renewable energy sources.


Consumers can request test results of lamps from the partner of this campaign Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs.


Take advice from professional retailers when buying lamps.



Recommendations for lamps: low energy and durable lighting equipment

Guidelines with useful information on purchasing lamps

-      Positive list of recommended lamps

Criteria for the evaluation of energy-saving and long-lasting lamps (germ).
Questionnaire for the evaluation of energy-saving and long-lasting lamps (germ).